National Law Enforcement Association

Welcome to the National Law Enforcement Association. The NLEA is an organization set up to support current or retired Law Enforcement Officer who live and work within the United States and its territories. We work with multiple companies to provide discounts for our members to assist them in their daily lives. We are consistently looking for providers of services that may be utilized by our members if needed. This is a place where professional Law Enforcement Officers can meet and share ideas and suggestion's with each other to help one another just like we do on the job everyday.

Founder Statement:

My name is Lawrence Sanchez and currently employed as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. I have over 34 years on the job in multiple departments and agencies. I know where change is needed and will try my hardest to lobby for them. Every year our jobs get harder and we are expected to do more with less. The public and the people who supervise us are ever vigilant to ensure that we are providing the best service for the least amount of money. Training responsibilities and expectations go up every year far beyond that of most other jobs. My goal in starting this association is to support and assist other officers in meeting these expectations and to be properly compensated. In addition to compensation I want to make sure that our employers are providing us with the resources and support we need to accomplish these critical public safety functions. The bottom line in departmental budgets rarely ever give but simply take away while assigning more duties and greater responsibilities. The way to effect change is through legitimate sincere negotiation. Facts must support requests and ideas when we ask for help. Most of our supervisors where front line officer just like us at one time in their careers, they understand the plight we face , they just need to be motivated to do the right thing. Our legislators whether they be state, local, county, or federal have to be made aware of issues that we face on a daily basis so that funding gets to where it is needed most. This is the mission I plane for the NLEA and I would love the help from any member who is willing. Together in Unity we can help shape the way that Law Enforcement is looked at by the public and claim back the respect that we have lost over the past decade. We all come to work every day to serve the public we protect and we all want to go home at night with a feeling of accomplishment for the sacred work that we do. Being a Law Enforcement Officer is truly a calling and tends to be dangerous and many times far from rewarding, when witnessing some of the things that we must. There are however those far and few between incidences where we make that difference which gives us the energy to go forward, those are the times that rejuvenate us and keep us stead fast throughout our careers. I will promise anyone who chooses to embark on this journey that I will always look out for the best interest of all Law Enforcement Officers, through helping to garner respect from the public, our politicians and the supervisors we work under.

Together we can succeed :

Founder Lawrence Sanchez

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