Membership Qualifications:

Active Member:

Member of a Federal, State, County, or Local Law Enforcement Department or Agency.

Have completed at least one year on the job

Have successfully completed your Departments or Agencies assigned training

Associate Member Qualification:

Associate Member:

If your not in a Law Enforcement Officer Role but would still want to support or be involved within the association we have a place for you.


Be a person of good moral character

Be employed in :Security/ security repair or installation / Computer security or in a Law Enforcement support role such as a First Responder (Fire/First Aid) Hospital staff/ Ambulance. If you have a question about if you qualify go to contact page and ask me. (Fees are the same as membership).

Upon meeting all of the above Qualifications you will be required to submit proof of employment

This can be an official document from Your Human Resources department proving employment or an official letter head from your supervisor attesting to your employment. These proofs will be kept in our records for verification when using any of our provided benefits. The documentation will be maintained in a hard copy not in digital format to ensure safety of your information. We do not accept emails of this information it has to be mailed to us.

Dues: We will send you a bill for dues on December 1rst each year through the mail address you provided, we will also send you one email to the email you provided on the same day to inform you that a bill for membership has been sent, if you wish to maintain it. Membership as well as the annual renewal of membership is $45.00

If you are interested in membership please click on link and you can send me a email requesting membership and I will guide you through the steps.